I attended your July workshops in Kendal – the knitting doula!!

I have just had my first birth since attending your course and I want to say how wonderful it was. Your workshops really made me think about what it means to be an authentic doula and the roles of those present at the birth. My whole approach felt completely different – and whilst I behaved in much the same way as usual the feeling and intention behind my behaviour seemed inherently different. I really felt much more at ease and much more calm and relaxed. Definitely low adrenaline!

My clients had had a previous very traumatic birth, so much so that she was planning to have an elective c-section when we first met. Her journey to the birth of her second baby was wonderful as she explored all the options and finally came to a place where she no longer feared birth.

And this birth was ever so different. I arrived much later than I have at previous births and my client was very much in her zone. My arrival freed her husband up to sort out the birth pool and whilst he busied away downstairs I sat quietly supporting my labouring client, simply a reassuring presence.

The midwife arrived 45 minutes before the birth of the baby and her husband soon realised that the baby would be born way sooner than it would take for him to finish the birth pool. He provided his loving presence towards the end and felt delighted about the whole experience. Indeed, it was PERFECT! They were both absolutely overwhelmed with the birth and couldn’t believe what a positive experience it was. A truly healing event!

I want to thank you both so much as I felt you have really helped me discover my true authenticity as a doula! I will always hold your words very close to my heart.

My clients said:
"Thank you so much for your wonderful support, knowledgeable advice and reassurance through this whole period. Your calm and positive input was critical to us having the most amazing and safe birth we could have wished for. Truly a life changing experience"

Lindsay Gale
Paramana Doula 2014

„Queridos Liliana y Michel: Gracias por vuestro magnífico PARAMANA DOULA COURSE January 2014. Con él me he dado el placer de hacer realidad un viejo deseo mío de entrar en contacto directo con dos personas tan valiosas en el vulnerable y precioso mundo de los nacimientos. Vuestros simples consejos me han hecho comprender mejor y, a la vez, validado la instintiva búsqueda de privacidad y seguridad experimentada en mis propios partos. Como otras mujeres quedo en deuda con vosotros.

...Y ahora, con la llegada de una nueva primavera os disponéis una vez más a seguir con vuestra informativa labor impartiendo un nuevo curso, redescubriendo junto a otros la importancia de proteger el espacio de una mujer que va a dar a luz y así facilitar futuras experiencias positivas de parto. !Adelante! !Sois un equipo tan especial y único! !Ojalá que sigáis con vuestro importante trabajo por muchísimos anos más!

Con carino:
Irene de Galicia“
January 2014

I have found your Paramanadoula course a highly rich learning experience. Your updated information combined with the real-life stories you told us created a excellent balance. During these three days I rediscovered the importance of protecting the space of labouring women in our work as doulas and how this can facilitate positive birth experiences. I felt inspired, touched by you and full of joy after so much laughter and warmth around me. Thank you! You are the best and most authentic doula team to learn from. A must-do for anyone interested in knowing how to make a birth easy.

I. Ameijenda
Primary school teacher
January 2014

Hello Liliana,
Many thanks for your email and enormous thanks to you, Michel and Natalie for such an inspiring Doula Course. As well as the beautiful venue, lovely shortbread biscuits and many relevant anecdotes I particularly enjoyed the combination of serious and light hearted ways in which you presented topics. You and Michel were so enjoyable to listen to, both individually and together. It was a delight to listen and observe the unique way that you both complemented each other's style and bounced funny one liners back and forth together, and your half bozz eyed expressions....priceless!
On a serious note though, I left feeling confident that what I experienced during my own labours and childbirths, were not all just good fortune, but that it is far more achievable if/when a women is enabled to realise her true potential. I cannot wait to become a slave to a woman during pregnancy, labour and birth. I aspire to become as humorous, friendly and supporting as you.
I have been on the Doula UK website, but it seems I need a code in order to register. Could I kindly request one from you?
Please keep my details on your mailing list if you have one.
Sincere thanks once again.

Samantha (the early one!)

Dear Liliana,
What a complete treat to come and meet you and listen to your wonderful talks last week. I am so sad I missed the last day, I could have listened to your stories and your insights indefinitely. You are such a warm woman and I imagine it rather impossible not to be inspired by you, I was even more so than I had imagined and amazed to hear you talking of so many of the things I already believed - not to mention, so relieved to also hear your views on so many of the "extras" that people seem to offer. Your anecdotes were wonderful and the stories you shared with us so heart warming and sensible!
To see you and Dr Odent together was simply fantastic. The depth of your friendship, knowledge and reciprocated respect for each other was so evident. What a treat for you both to have found each other and be able to have shared in such momentous times. I am so very pleased that I had an opportunity to come and listen to you both.
I am really hoping to become a doula at some point. I have 3 small children, my eldest is already at school, my second boy starts this year and then my daughter begins next year so hopefully I will start then. From the course, I think I would like to become a post natal doula to begin with and build my confidence to then become a birth doula, what a privilege both would be.
I look forward to being back in touch to come and finish or re-do the course with you, until then, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your inspiration and your wonderfully relaxed approach to life (and birth!), just wonderful.
With love and best wishes

George - June 2013

Hi Liliana,
I attended yours and Michel Odent's doula course in September (I was the pregnant middle eastern woman sitting in the front!).
This e-mail is mostly to say thank you so much for the valuable information and the inspiration you and Michel gave us during the course. For me personally it was priceless because I used a lot of it in preparation and during my labour:

  • I talked to my husband about his involvement in the birth and his adrenaline levels
  • my waters broke a day before labour started but I didn't rush to hospital and I trusted what Michel said on that
  • my baby was breech but I completely rejected the c-section I was offered and trusted in what you and Michel told me about it
  • I talked to my baby as you suggested and she did eventually turn around and come into this world head first
  • I used the birth plan you sent us for my own home birth (I edited it slightly but it was more or less the same), and I managed throughout labour without any pain killers (yes, not even gas and air :)
  • My husband, my midwife and I made sure my privacy wasn't interrupted and my environment was protected, and I gave birth to my baby girl without any pushing... I felt a true ejection reflex, my baby came into this world without crying and I didn't need any stitches
  • I had 40 minutes of skin-to-skin with the baby, a completely physiological 3rd stage and I cut the umbilical cord myself after we made sure that all the blood has completely moved to the baby's body. As a result my baby's umbilical cord end (at her bellybutton) fell off unassisted on day 3 of her life and I myself only bled for 10 days. I never felt this strong and healthy after giving birth.
Bottom line is giving birth to this baby was the highlight of my entire LIFE, and I owe you and Michel a lot for opening my eyes to a lot of things and making me feel confident about my decisions and trust mine and my baby's instincts. I'm attaching a picture of little perfect baby Sima, thankful I'm sure just as much as me to you and Michel.
On a more practical note, could you please send me the code for the Doula UK registration? I'm not sure when I'll have the time to practically do this, but now that I've had my first completely and positively perfect birth experience I feel I want to be a doula more than ever before!
Again, thank you very much for being such a delight and such an inspiration, and please forward my gratitude to Michel. You two are a treasure!

Mona - September 2012

Baby Sima

Chère Liliana,
Qu'il est bon de croiser sur son chemin une âme si belle et si généreuse! Quelle douceur, quelle joie et quelle humilité se dégage de toi à travers tes récits... Merci infiniment de partager vos connaissances avec Michel Odent. En vous écoutant, j'ai réalisé à quel point l'homme et la femme sont complémentaires (dans le langage des oiseaux, on peut entendre: "complet-en-terre"). Alors MERCI de semer toutes ces graines de vie et de les arroser de tant de simplicité! J'ai le coeur rempli d'espoir et la tête pleine de rêves d'un "nouveau paradigme"!! Belle continuation à vous deux...
Tendrement, Elsa.
ps: je m'exerce à parler "bilingue"...comme dit Michel en lisant des articles sur la banque de donner!!

Elsa - February 2011
(Cluny, France)

Hey wonderful women
I absolutely loved this weekend such a treat to meet such an array of amazing women. Thank you to Liliana and Michel for imparting such beautiful wisdom and fascinating knowledge, which I am still digesting. This weekend felt like a special gift and we are all now at the beginning of an exciting journey.
Big love and smiles to you all

Deb - September 2010
(London, UK)

Dear Michel and Liliana,
I was looking forward to this weekend as it was the first time for me to immerse myself in something that is of great interest to me since my children have been born - however the course far far far exceeded my expectations for many reasons, but one in particular that stands out for me.....to have an eminent medical Doctor facilitating a workshop alongside an eminent Wise Woman - a truly memorable moment that I will treasure forever. The bridging of these worlds is a lifelong dream for me, so to see it in reality was very special.
There are not the words to accurately express how much I enjoyed the information sessions, but there is a feeling that will stay with me forever and I wanted to say thank you.
With love and thanks for all you have shared with me.

Alex - May 2009
(a little doula in the making who will take some of the magicback to Perth!)

Hello, it's Becky, I was at your course in November, and just wanted to let you know I attended the birth of little Evie Rose, my best friend's first baby, who was born in the early hours yesterday. Your words of wisdom and energy were with me throughout, and to witness such a beautiful birth, at home, in the birthing pool, by a roaring fire, was truly awesome. It was only the second time I have been a "doula" and it has reminded me of the true meaning of everything.
I think without being at your weekend course with Michel, it would have been fine, but having been there gave me that extra knowing to just let it happen and be there to protect Beth. She amazed me and so did you.
Thankyou and best wishes for a peaceful and lovely festive time.

Rebecca Wickham - December 2008

Dear Michel Odent,
I´m sorry for the delay in my answer, i have a dog who has just have nine puppies and it has been very exciting.... It´s funny, do you know what i was reading when she started with labour? your book: "El bebé es un mamífero" and thanks to it i just left the dog alone because my curiosity was too big and i was a little bit afraid....but every thing was perfect when i went to bed. So, my dog say to you "go on with your books, all this stupid humans need them!!" I send you a picture of the day after so you will not think that it´s a bad joke.

Maria - December 2008
(Madrid, Spain)

A dog and her puppies

To dear Liliana,

Thank you so much for the most wonderful, interesting and fascinating course. I have loved your stories, your humour, your wisdom and have learnt more true midwifery in three short days then in years of 'midwifery' training.

Nicky (independent midwife) - April 2007
(Nottingham, UK)

Dear Liliana

A rather delayed but very heartfelt thank you for such a warm, inspiring and uplifting weekend at the beginning of the month. I learned such a lot, was moved by so many stories and also laughed so much - a great combination! Not to mention the fantastic array of snacks and drinks. Please pass on my thanks to Michel - it was such a privilege to sit with him for those 3 days. Now I simply want to help and empower other women in their pregnancy and births - and be the best doula I can be.

June - Feb 2007
(Nottingham, UK)

Chere Liliana, MERCI.

Je suis très émue de vous avoir rencontrée. Vous dégagez une telle SERENITE, une telle BEAUTE, une telle PAIX. Vous êtes un EXEMPLE. Michel Odent est un homme EXTRAORDINAIRE : tant de connaissances, tant de PASSION, tant de SIMPLICITE. Ce que vous nous avez apporté l'un et l'autre durant ce stage est un TRESOR d'une VALEUR INESTIMABLE.


Celine - Nov 2006
(Paris, France)

What a wonderful weekend! Thank you so much. I have learned so much from you and Michel. I hope that I can have your approach as a doula, you are a true mentor for all of us.....

Denise - Feb 2003
(Greenwich, UK)

I would just like to say a huge thank you for the weekend. I feel totally inspired and privileged to have spent the weekend with you both. I feel like I could have listened forever and now I just want to go and let everyone know about things that I have learnt....

Haley - Feb 2003
(mother of four in Hertfordshire, UK)

I really would recommend this "Intensive Information Course" for anyone interested in any aspect of birth. Michel's incredible medical knowledge and experience with labouring women combines perfectly with Liliana's wealth of stories and spiritual regard of birthing...

...I left the weekend inspired, uplifted and thankful to have spent a moment with Michel and Liliana, their course is a must!

Annette - Nov 2002
(doula based in Birmingham, UK)

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