Paramana Doula Course

Dr Michel Odent and an experienced Doula

"Why is there such a demand for doulas?"
"In the time surrounding birth, women need to feel secure", explains Dr Odent. "They need the sort of protection that is provided by the presence of a mother. But for many reasons special to our time, many women cannot rely on their own mother and the father of the baby cannot also be a mother figure. That is why they need a doula."

If you are a mother or a grandmother, are you drawn to help other women as a doula? A typical doula has herself had a positive experience of giving birth and of post birth baby nurture. In reality all sorts of health professionals and mothers to be are also welcome in our course.

This three day course includes what doulas should know about pregnancy, breastfeeding and birth physiology, ideally building on the practical knowledge they already have from their experiences of giving birth. The course can also cover on demand a great variety of "hot topics".

2019 Course Dates
June 7th - 9th
(in French only)
Nimes, France Contact Sylvie Morganti
July 5th - 7th
(in French only)
Rennes, France Contact Virginie Derobe
September 7th - 9th
(in French only)
Narbonne, France Contact Christelle Mossiere
October 4th - 6th Paris, France Contact Marjorie Roux
November 14th - 16th London, UK Contact Liliana
22nd - 24th Freiburg, Germany
(There will be a translation from English into German)
Contact Jasmin Stueve

2020 Course Dates
February 14th - 16th
French speaking
Paris, France Contact Marjorie Roux
April 2nd - 4th
Only for Czech speaking participants
London, UK Contact Michaela Kalusova
16th - 18th London, UK Contact Liliana
June 5th - 7th
(in French only)
Paris, France Contact Marjorie Roux
October 2nd - 4th
(in French only)
Paris, France Contact Marjorie Roux

Dr Michel Odent and Liliana Lammers give courses in London and other European cities (in English or in French). If you are interested to know more, please contact us.

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